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Yellow Teeth

Why Do I Have Yellow Teeth?

Everyone has a slightly yellow tint to his or her teeth. The tooth structure below the white tooth enamel is called dentin, and dentin is yellow in colour. On some people this colour shows through more than others. Then we have stains that deposit themselves into our tooth enamel, making teeth appear brown, yellowand dirty. Stains can reside both on top of enamel as well as deep within it. If not cleaned regularly, tartar deposits may also cause green, brown or black accumulations along the gums. Good dietary choices, dedicated oral hygiene and routine preventive care appointments are effective ways to keep tooth discoloration at bay. Additional factors that you may be surprised to learn affect your tooth coloration include:

 • Medication: Prescription medications such as doxycycline and tetracycline can permanently affect tooth coloration in young children. Adults that take blood pressure medications or antihistamines may also experience staining of the teeth. Treatments like chemotherapy or head and neck radiation may also play a role.

 • Lifestyle: Coffee, wine, tea and smoking can cause dramatic tooth discolouration.

 • Environment: High fluoride levels in water or excessive consumption of fluoride toothpaste can affect the formation of enamel, causing brown or white spots and pitted areas